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New York Guitar Teachers are renowned, world-class guitar instructors bringing guitar lessons and more to students in New York City, and worldwide through virtual lessons.

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Our mission at New York Guitar Teachers is to provide a welcoming environment for anyone to learn the guitar in their own way, using our professionally-grounded and open-minded perspective to cater to anyone and everyone — no matter your skill level.

From beginners of all ages, to actors who want to add an instrument to their onstage arsenal, to singer-songwriters looking to benefit from exploratory and performance coaching, NYGT is that judgement-free space to enhance your joy and appreciation for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, or banjo.

Guitar should be fun at all times. Though we welcome the challenges that come with learning a new skill, we always practice patience and champion all goals equally as they best benefit the student.

Eli Zoller, Director of New York Guitar Teachers

Eli playing guitar
New York Guitar Teachers Director Eli Zoller

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The staff at New York Guitar Teachers believe that anyone & everyone can and should learn a musical instrument. Instrumental training helps musicians learn music theory, improve your ear, and accompany yourself, but also has numerous creative benefits for players from all walks of life. We all believe that we are meant to create music. You are never too old to begin learning a new instrument!

Music is not only for some of us — music is for all of us. Schedule your first lesson today to begin finding your music!

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