About New York Guitar Teachers & Our Instructors

New York Guitar Teachers was established in 2011. We firmly believe that everyone can — and was meant to — make music.

We teach students of all ages from all walks of life local to New York City out of our beautiful Midtown studio, as well as through online/Skype sessions.

At NYGT, we don’t think that ONE guitar lesson technique or method is right for everyone. We hand-craft an individual plan based on each student's goals, needs, and skill level.

Eli Zoller, Director of New York Guitar Teachers

Eli Zoller

Director of NYGT

Justin Stoney, Founder and President of New York Vocal Coaching

Justin Stoney

Founder and President

Eli Zoller is the Head of New York Guitar Teachers in New York City. Eli enjoys coaching guitar students as well as numerous performers and actors on performing and auditioning with instruments. His clients have gone on to have major success in the film & television industry, as well as in the recording industry and on the Broadway stage.

Eli boasts an accomplished professional musical career with a multitude of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, tours, and recording studio sessions. He performs in multiple styles on guitar, keyboard, bass (up-right and electric) mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. His theatre credits include performing with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, FINDING NEVERLAND, VIOLET, FIRST DATE…, and SMOKEY JOE’S CAFE, among others.

Eli has music directed and orchestrated professional shows in New York and across the US. He also enjoys playing his original compositions and orchestrations with his band, Eli Zoller & The O Pioneer Band. Eli received his BFA from The University of Michigan School of Music.

New York Guitar Teachers offers lessons to students of all experience levels - from beginners to seasoned professionals. Extensive knowledge, diversity of experience, and versatility help create individual lesson plans for any and all who seek to improve their skills and increase their joy for guitar. Eli strongly believes in the shared philosophy of his fellow NYVC Associates: that the best learning environment is one full of personal attention, positive encouragement, and is completely free of judgment. Most importantly, Eli believes that learning music (and especially guitar!) should be FUN!

Justin Stoney, the Founder of New York Vocal Coaching, is an internationally-recognized voice teacher and vocal coach. One of the leading voice teachers in today’s music industry, he has appeared on the NBC Today Show, CBS, Fox News, Fox 5 New York, The Insider, and frequently as a guest on Huffington Post Live’s interviews of celebrity singers. His teaching has been featured in publications such as Esquire Magazine, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, SELF, NME, Fox News Magazine, Discovery News, Medical Daily, UK’s Daily Mail, Tech Times, and Backstage Magazine.

Justin has taught as a master teacher of pop/rock/R&B and musical theatre for the NYSTA Comparative Vocal Pedagogy program, has been featured by the Learning Annex as a guest expert, was published as the vocal coach in residence for Voice Council Magazine, and has given master classes throughout the US and internationally. A born teacher, Justin has worked enthusiastically with a vast array of students - from beginning singers to celebrity clients, Broadway singers, and recording stars. Justin has worked with literally thousands of singers in New York and holds a strong reputation internationally, with private students from over 60 countries. Mr. Stoney has trained not only singers, but also other Voice Teachers from all over the world through the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification program.

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